Moorer’s Eighth Studio Album Is About Coming To Terms With Emotional Pain and Heartache

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 17, 2015) – Academy and Grammy award nominated songstress, Allison Moorer, releases her highly anticipated album, Down To Believing today. Produced by friend and producer, Kenny Greenburg, Allison Moorer’s Down To Believing was born in a place of real pain and heartache and captures a powerful story of raw honesty and acceptance, making it some of the bravest and most confessional work of any songwriter on her road to healing. Rolling Stone featured a live stream of the album on Monday, March 16 and Allison Moorer will soon join host Meredith Ochs of SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country. Download Allison Moorer’s Down To Believing HERE.

Down To Believing is Allison Moorer’s eighth studio album since her 1998’s Alabama Song, and she considers this release to be her best yet. With 13 new songs from the country-rocking first single “Like It Used To Be,” to the emotionally-charged songs like “Thunderstorm Hurricane,” “Tear Me Apart,” and “Mama Let The Wolf In,” Moorer’s new album allows listeners to experience the tough reality and heartache of divorce and daily struggles of a son living with autism.

CMT Senior VP of Music Strategy Leslie Fram says, “Raw, genuine and full of passion & grit, Allison Moorer’s ‘Down To Believing’ is the album we’ve been waiting for, a timeless journey into life and loss.”

Rolling Stone also calls the body of work “brilliant and extraordinarily candid,” while Huffington Post praised her Americana Fest set as one of this year’s highlights and Country Weekly proclaimed the nuances of her songs hit home.

Country artist Miranda Lambert also took note of Allison’s soulful approach to songwriting saying in a recent interview with, “I love Allison Moorer. She’s kind of the reason I started writing songs. I learned from her music that it’s OK for women to write about heartache and problems.”

What They Are Saying:

“Extraordinary.” – Stephen L. Betts [Rolling Stone]

“Moorer, a superb singer, has too much edge, drive and energy to wallow and her lyrics pare the throbbing pain down to a minimal plainless: I lost my crystal ball/ Found Me a Wrecking ball.” – [People Magazine] [Allison Moorer] “continues to keep it honest, as she deals with a great deal of change and upheaval in her personal life.” – Colin Stutz [Billboard]

“It’s a brave album, at times raw with anger.” – Neil Spencer [The Guardian]

“Out of the pain and anger, Moorer has fashioned the finest album of her career.”
– Nigel Williamson [Uncut Magazine]

“This break-up record, recorded after her seven-year marriage to Steve Earle fell apart, is full of raw emotion. There is a neat cover of Creedence’s Have You Ever Seen the Rain but the best songs are her own heartfelt and brooding country ones.” – Martin Chilton [The Telegraph]

“She is a Southern girl with a big heart and an honest streak running throughout her soul. You piss her off and she’s going to tell you. If she loves you, she will tell you that too.” – Troy Michael [Innocent Words]

“There’s no doubt that Allison Moorer poured her heart into this album. As you listen, you feel like you’re right beside her as she sings about the ups and downs of her relationships, marriage, and family. There are heavy influences of love, heartbreak, and emotional healing so props to Allison for being brave enough to talk about the hard stuff.” – Lindsay Thomas [Nashville Country Club]

“Allison Moorer is at her best when she writes from real personal experiences.” – [FDRMX]

Allison Moorer will kick off her Down To Believing tour this week with Mary Gauthier. Please see dates below.

Tour Dates with Mary Gauthier:

March 19th – Vienna, VA Jammin Java
March 20th – Princeton, NJ Folk Society
March 21st – Wilmington, DE World Café Live
March 22nd – Cambridge, MA Passims
March 24th – Portland, ME One Longfellow Square
March 25th – Fairfield, CT FTC Stage One
March 26th – Buffalo, NY 189 Public House
March 27th – Albany, NY Sawyer Theatre

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down to believing

egg #2

It’s hard to believe that my first album came out in 1998, almost seventeen years ago.  I’m not even sure I can take that in.  All of those songs, all of those shows, all of the time spent writing, recording, trying to get it all just right…

All of the miles traveled, the inhuman wake up calls, the jokes and the laughs, the sights seen, the wondering if I would ever see a girl again (as surrounded by male musicians as I have been), the utter tedium of the road, the utter adventure of it, too, the broken strings, the broken hearts, the tears of joy and sadness and relief and exasperation, the leaving it all on the stage, the sweat, blood, and insecurity of it all.

What a gift.  What an honor.  What a triumph and a heartache.

It’s not an easy thing to get up and propel yourself to make art every day.  We’re supposed to make it look easy, we creative types.  We’re supposed to make it look like anyone could do it, and truth be told, most people probably could given the right circumstances and inspiration.

Which begs the question, what is it to be inspired?  What makes someone sit down at the piano or hold their guitar and feel like they have something in them worth saying?  I guess artists are a self-centered bunch.  We always feel like we have something worthwhile to say.  It’s our job, really.  To hold up things to the world, to show, to shed light, to share, to join, to induce feeling, and then relieve it somehow.  To get to the very essence of what it is to be human.

I’m happy to still have something to say, and to still have the job, no matter what form it takes in my life.

I guess you could say I’m just so proud to be here (thanks Miss Minnie).

“Down To Believing” means a whole lot to me.  Thank you for letting me share it with you.  Thank you for still letting me share at all.