September 5, 2013 AllisonM

set my soul free

The new song on the music page is one I wrote a few years ago. The story behind it is kind of amazing, if only to me. I was on tour somewhere in Germany, in a bottom bunk of the bus curled up with my son John Henry, who was about eighteen months old at the time. Touring with a baby was fun but stressful, and I was bone tired.
I don’t know what woke me, most anything can now that I have that mother hear-a-pin-drop ability, but I opened my eyes and these verses came through me in waves. They were in my father’s voice, without a doubt. I felt around for my trusty iPhone so that I could get them down (what did we writers do before the memo pad on our phones?) quickly. I knew they would go through me and leave if I didn’t write them down that instant, much like he makes a visit to me every time I move into a new house; he just comes through and takes a look, then he’s gone.

We recorded it at House of David last summer. I had a 102 fever.
guitars: Kenny Greenberg
acoustic guitar and vocal: me
upright bass: Brad Jones
drums: Chad Cromwell
strings: Eamon McLaughlin
knobs: Richard McLaurin and Adam Bednarik