April 7, 2021
April 7, 2021 AllisonM





I spent over an hour yesterday fussing with houseplants. Moving these to this room, planting others in a repurposed tray for the dining room table — I like to have something living in most, if not every, room. It helps me remember to breathe. Somehow seeing a plant growing reminds me that life can be simpler if I let it be. 


Simplicity of life has been on my mind a lot lately. It was on my mind when I woke up this morning and the swirl in my brain began — details, this thing, impending travel, projects, scheduling. I saw that it was a friend’s word of the day on instagram. It came up in my meditation. Okay. I get it. I also get that it’s not only on my mind. It’s in our collective consciousness. We all want it. Most of us don’t have it.


Maybe that’s why I fuss with plants and like to watch birds. The natural world reminds me that life really is simple — breath, water, food, nest/home, safety, nurturing, love — if we let it be. 


But life intervenes.


What happens to simplicity when you’re just humming along doing your work and the basement floods, then the guys you hire to put in a sump pump do a terrible job and you’ve paid them $2200? What happens when you get your wires crossed with your partner or a friend and you’re suddenly in an uncomfortable thing that demands your time and attention? What happens when someone gets sick? When Terminix rips you off to the tune of — yep — another $2200 and you spend days on the phone trying to speak to a manager because as far as you can tell spray foam costs a lot less than that at the hardware store and so far that’s all you can tell they did to help you with the mice issue?

What happens when something really serious goes down? 

How do I hang onto the message of simplicity when everything can get so complicated so quickly? 


Well, I guess that’s why I fuss with the plants and watch the birds. I’m looking for reminders. I’m looking for evidence that life can be, and IS, simple — breath, water, food, nest/home, safety, nurturing, love — it’s just that the route to it isn’t for whatever reason.


The story about the businessman and the fisherman comes to mind. Y’all know that one, don’t you?


I’m going out to water the ferns and fill the feeders.


Sending love everywhere today.