Holy Moly

March 18, 2020
March 18, 2020 AllisonM

Holy Moly

No, I’d never been to this country

before. No, I didn’t know where the roads

would lead me. No, I didn’t intend to

turn back.

— Mary Oliver, from Felicity


Holy moly, indeed.


I’ve been awake since about 2:30 this morning. I made a point of getting to bed on time last night instead of staying up and acting like I’m on vacation or something, but we are definitely not on vacation. Rather, we are all now scrambling to find some sort of equilibrium in an unprecedented time and experience — with our health, our social interactions, our financial worlds, our families near and far — the coronavirus has completely upended everything. Yeah, I know you know. 


And apparently, it has now upended my sleep. I don’t guess it’s surprising — we’re all worried, stressed, and wondering what comes next with this situation that feels so completely unpredictable, so full of unknowns, so out of control. What can we control when we can’t control anything? Ourselves. I guess that means trying to stay centered and calm, trying to remain positive and healthy, and trying to love each other the best we can. And staying at home.


We’re very fortunate around here — H. and I just finished a tour that gave us a little bit of cushion for the coming months, but it is still not sufficient for an extended period. Still, we know how lucky we are when so many in our creative community cannot say that they have enough to even survive the month. Most makers and musicians live from gig to gig, and with all of everyone’s orders and entire calendars being cancelled and now not coming in at all, I don’t know how a lot of us are going to get through this. This catastrophe is going to change the shape of almost every life, and there’s no telling right now what those various shapes are going to be. I hope that we can emerge better somehow — more connected to each other even having gone through this period of social isolation, and once again reacquainted with the things in our lives that actually enrich us rather than do the opposite. Everyone has their individual take on all of that, but if I have one wish for everyone during this period, including myself, it’s that we come out of this more deeply connected to ourselves and what really matters to us, and that we take the proper steps to make the next chapters of our lives more aligned with what’s in our hearts. In a period of austerity, which I think this will certainly be, we always get back to what is essential. That’s a good thing, but it isn’t painless, not in any way. But I hope that when we do that, it is in a way that doesn’t just consider our own personal conditions. Regardless of that, we first have to get through this the best we can. We have to figure out ways to hold on, in all the ways.


We will emerge. We will have a next chapter. It’s going to take a while to know what any of it will be like. In the meantime, all I can say is that I’m leaning on what I always do — music, books, writing, family, friends, cooking, home, and my prayers. I’m so grateful that I have those touchstones, now more than ever.


A few things: 

  • I’ve been making daily playlists and will continue to do that until we’re allowed to come out of our houses. We need to be uplifted and we need to sing and dance. 
  • I’m going to be releasing a few EPs in the coming weeks — I’ve got some collections of unreleased songs and I think it might be a good time to let some of  them out into the world. Details will be coming soon, but I think we’ll put them up on BandCamp.
  • I’m trying to figure out how to stream a few of my “Blood,” hybrid shows from home. Details on that soon as well, but I’m investigating Patreon as a platform.


It’s hard to know what else to say right now other than hang in there. So, hang in there, y’all..


Peace and love and happy Wednesday,



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