Light Source

January 22, 2020
January 22, 2020 AllisonM

Light Source

What will it be today?

What will bridge the suspension?

What will connect the end of this breath

to the start of the next?

The surrender of one good thought

and the discovery of a better another?


What lies between the disappearance 

of this very last particle of hope —

running away at full gallop,

and that first glimpse of a new one —

inching around the corner?

What erases 

the death 

that waits in spaces?


Everything that dies

must be born again.

They say.

Until it mustn’t.

We cannot always know

when it must

or musn’t.


But until it mustn’t

I wonder —

what miracle is coming

to remove the division

between the final word

and a fresh promise?


and acceptance?

Terminating breath

and tender birth?


I stand by the window

and look for the light source

that is only ever unobscured

by shadows.