July 22, 2020
July 22, 2020 AllisonM


We planted the ivy right after the fence went up. The fence went up right after we bought the house.


Both things had a specific function — the fence, to keep JH safe and to allow him more independence at the same time. I’d never been able to let go of his hand in NYC and wanted him to experience the opposite. The ivy, to cover the fence so it’d be prettier, and give us even more privacy. I’d always envisioned myself living a house with ivy walls around it like I’d seen in California when I was a young girl.


We planted the short little plants all along the inside of the fence in the summer of 2017. Ivy is plentiful in Nashville, but doesn’t always cooperate with the human idea of where it should be. I remember our neighbor looking at us like we were idiots because we actually bought some, but we had a plan, and as in most endeavors, I wanted to raise the odds of success in any way I could. H. and I spent a few very warm hours in our front yard, giving those plants a new home, winding any length around the bottom of the fence as we went.


I thought it would never climb. A yard guy that insisted it was a bad thing coupled with some aggressive and invasive vines made me wonder if my vision would be realized. I’d go out to the fence and talk to it, coax it around the slats of the fence, and admire it while I considered other options — tall and skinny trees? Some other kind of fence? 


Little did I know that this was the year it would all fill in. So I decided to plant trumpet vine and wisteria to go along with it, to make it even more lush.


Believing in a vision is like believing in a promise you make to yourself, isn’t it? Today I’m thinking about how that vision evolves. We arrive at a place in our lives that we worked hard to get to, and then it isn’t long until we start considering what’s next, to make it even better. Some of that might be perpetual dissatisfaction, but I also think it’s what even the happiest among us are geared to do, which is grow so we can, I suppose, fill in too. 


Peace, Love, and Happy Wednesday,