Remember the Plum

July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020 AllisonM

Remember the Plum

I went to my altar early yesterday morning. John Henry was still sleeping, and the light was streaming through the window, calling me to do my time to settle my spirit, to do my thinking, praying, meditating. After a few months of paying less attention than I wanted to, or intended to, to my spirit, I’ve renewed my commitment to getting there.


As I was lighting my incense and settling myself into half lotus on my pillow in front of my perfectly placed objects, I looked to the left and saw a half-eaten plum. 

I about fell out laughing. 

Leave it to my son to remind me about the balance required to get through life gracefully. It isn’t all about setting aside time and space to go into the deeper corners of my heart and mind. Though that’s nice, and I need that time and space and am getting better at defending it, I know I need the laughter and lightheartedness too, lest I become dour, too solemn and burdened with the weight of earthly experience.


We need to remember to laugh, now more than ever. These times are rough — we’ve got the problems that we’ve got, and to make it all much worse than it has to be, we’ve got everyone taking sides and fighting about things that should be no-brainers. It’s enough to make us all crazy.


I love children. They put things in perspective for us so naturally. I’m thankful for mine for many reasons, not the least of which is his ability to remind me not to take it all so seriously. I love that he left the plum right there on my altar as if he was the Buddha himself having a chuckle at me. 


I hope y’all can find something to laugh about today. If you do, embrace it. 


Peace, Love, and Happy Wednesday.