Trouble (trouble songs)

August 21, 2019
August 21, 2019 AllisonM

Trouble (trouble songs)

I reckon I just made a whole record of them. I’m quite sure that’s not news. Trouble songs have been my trade for over two decades. But this record is different — it’s a recounting of trouble, but redemption is abound. 

Here are the titles:

Bad Weather

Cold, cold earth


The Rock and the Hill

I’m the One to Blame

Set My Soul Free

The Ties That Bind

All I wanted 




Trouble everywhere. Storms, discomfort, fear, weariness, shame, despondent resignation… but out of all of those deeply personal and meaningful trouble songs, the one that’s resonating with me most right now is the last one. Heal. The one I wrote last. The one I asked my dear friend and sister-in-arms Mary Gauthier to write with me. The one that wrestles trouble down like the unwieldy beast it is and asks for a reprieve.


I’ve done a lot of time with trouble songs. I will do more. But now I’m just concentrating on that one about healing. That’s the trouble song I like most right now. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it. Oct 25.


Peace and love and happy Wednesday.


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